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About GiftWorksPlus

GiftWorksPlus was brewed up in my kitchen, where I was trying out various natural materials in the making of oil candles and therapeutic fragrances. I’ve worked with natural materials my whole life so that naturally led to the development of natural wood products and custom frames.

I started my artistic career in 1975 by learning to make turquoise and silver jewelry in New Mexico. At the time, I was giving lessons to indigenous families on communication with their deaf children and, in exchange, the parents taught me “jewelry making, design, and balance.” After returning home to Milwaukee several years later, my hobby became a profitable jewelry business with a focus on the use of natural stones and beads. Working in jewelry and the larger beauty industry then led me to develop a line of aromatherapy products, which remain available on due to extremely popular demand.

Also available on our site is the new eBook Personalized Gift Buying Made Easy, which advises our customers on how to find the perfect gift “no matter what the occasion, no matter who the recipient, and no matter how few or how many you need.” The eBook will be available for free in the very near future. 

GiftWorksPlus has a global outlook with warmhearted Midwestern roots. GiftWorksPlus frames help create the individualized experience that our customers desire for the special people in their lives. Learn more by looking around our new site, liking GiftWorksPlus on Facebook, or following GiftWorksPlus on Twitter.

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Karla Jordan

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